Mailing Actions: Mailing delivery
In order to avoid unnecessary Internet traffic, and wastage of server resources, all mailing addresses will be checked for integrity and validity. All non-working addresses will be de-activated.


All sources will be checked against the central database and de-duplicated such that users do not receive multiple mailings if an identical address is obtained from more than one source.

The frequency of mailings in certain subscription services is determined by the availability of data and speed is in some cases of the essence in getting information to subscribers in a timely fashion. Other mailings will be governed by a mailing plan constructed such that users generally only receive mailings about once per month and never receive two mailings closer than two weeks apart.


R-Tech/EU-VRi cannot avoid sending bulk mail in response to its users' subscriptions. However, each e-mail is a customised collection of information for an individual subscriber and so is sent separately and never as a bulk addressed single e-mail. In addition we will when possible:


  • Avoid sending bulk mail at times when the Internet traffic levels are known to be high.
  • Batch deliveries and spread them over time so that it does not overload servers.
  • Notify major ISPs that our bulk e-mail is from a known and respectable source and should be delivered to the recipient.
  • Send automated messages from a special address and server in order to avoid anti-spam systems blocking normal correspondence between us and our users.