EDP Distribuição - Energia, S.A. (EDPD)

EDP Distribuição (EDPD) is part of EDP Group and Portugal’s incumbent DSO (accounting for 97% of the market with more than 6 million customers). EDPD coordinates Project InovGrid which entails a large-scale smart grid demonstration project already under way in Évora (Portugal), impacting more than 50.000 consumers. InovGrid project targets different aspects such as: detect and solve grid defaults and to minimize losses; improvements in grid operation and future planning, based on more detailed information about operating conditions; enable and promote a more active role for customers/producers; develop a support platform for new commercial services, based on greater proximity to the customer; involvement of all the relevant stakeholders, including, but not limited to, local, national and European authorities, regulators, industrial companies, research institutes and universities, consumers, producers, and the local population in general, with the objective of global dissemination of the results that will contribute to the shift of paradigm towards Smart Grids.